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Plant Categories

  • Large Trees

    Large Trees

    More than two stories tall, these are your climbing, build-a-treehouse trees. They're like shady family heirlooms for your yard.

  • Small Trees

    Small Trees

    Flowers, fruit, and wildlife. There's plenty of room for your favorite small ornamentals, even below shade trees and power lines.

  • Plants for Shade

    Plants for Shade

    For some plants, life is better in the shade. Here are a few classics that aren't afraid of the dark under your trees.

  • Large Shrubs

    Large Shrubs

    Large shrubs are good for providing the privacy you want or screening out the view you don’t want.

  • Small Shrubs

    Small Shrubs

    Small size, but big impact as a landscape hedge or specimen. These shrubs rarely top 8 feet, but they'll hide a chain-link fence.

  • Cacti and Succulents

    Cacti and Succulents

    Hot and dry? No problem. Create instant architectural interest with yucca, agave, and other succulents.

  • Perennials


    For colors that pop and a garden that lights up year after year, perennials are the answer.

  • Plants for Hummingbirds

    Plants for Hummingbirds

    Turn your yard into a haven for hummers.

  • Evergreen Plants

    Evergreen Plants

    Your neighbors will be green with envy at your landscape’s year-round color.

  • Herbs


    Fresh herbs, expensive to buy but oh-so-easy to grow. Bon appétit!

  • Vines and Climbers

    Vines and Climbers

    These are your climbers. Some are evergreen and most flash fabulous flowers from spring through fall.

  • Groundcovers


    These plants can cover a lot of ground as they spread low across your yard.

  • Grasses


    Both decorative grasses that grow in bunches sporting wispy flowers or the kind you have to mow are found here.

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    No drama. No fuss. And they come with an easy-to-read scale of zero to 10.

  • All Plants

    All Plants

    If you enjoy surveying all options, lose yourself for hours browsing through this extensive list.