Texas Tuberose
Texas Tuberose
Texas Tuberose

Texas Tuberose

Manfreda spp.

General Information

  • Full Sun
  • Low Water Requirement
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Pollinator
  • Flowers
  • Texas Native

Common Names

Manfreda, False Aloe, Spice Lily, Rattlesnake Agave

Plant Description

Partial sun or shade. An herbaceous perennial with thick, fleshy purple-spotted leaves and tall pale flower spikes in early summer. As the seed capsules mature, they can be heard rattling in the wind.

Leaves may wither in full summer scorch, but recover with cooler temperatures. Planted at 2-foot intervals manfreda forms spreading rosettes and makes an interesting groundcover. It survives without care in sand, clay, or rock, as long as soil is fast draining. It also performs well in containers.

Plant Details


coupon eligible: No

watersaver: Yes

flower color: White

freeze hardy: Yes

wildlife: Pollinators

sunlight requirements: Full Sun

soil types: Clay, Sandy, Thin

invasive: No


Occasional grooming

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