Alamo Vine
Alamo Vine
Alamo Vine

Alamo Vine

Merremia dissecta

General Information

  • Full Sun
  • Part Sun/Shade
  • Low Water Requirement
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Flowers
  • Texas Native
  • Central Texas Native

Common Names

Noyau Vine, Correhuela de las Doce

Plant Description

Sun or partial shade. Deciduous with lobed palmate (hand-like) leaves and ornamental flowers (white with burgundy throats) that resemble hibiscus.

Alamo Vine is easily grown from the previous year's seed and spreads freely by rhizomes with a twining habit; in deeper soils south of the Hill Country, it's an easy choice for a fenceline that requires no additional irrigation. It freezes back to the roots in winter.

Noyau is French for kernel; a reference to the almond-like seeds. In South America the vine's tubers were boiled and eaten like sweet potatoes during periods of scarcity.

Plant Details


coupon eligible: No

watersaver: Yes

flower color: White

freeze hardy: Yes

wildlife: Butterflies

sunlight requirements: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

soil types: Clay, Sandy

invasive: No


Fast growing in sun, especially in rainy years; grows wild during warm weather. Can be cut back as needed in winter or summer.

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