Virgin Palm
Virgin Palm

Virgin Palm

Dioon edule

General Information

  • Part Sun/Shade
  • Full Shade
  • Very Low Water Requirement
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Evergreen
  • Deer Resistant

Common Names

Palma de la Virgen, Mexican Cycad, Chamal, Mexican Blue Chamal, Coontie

Plant Description

Partial shade. Evergreen, with stiff cycad fronds which grow quite large, mostly without a palm-like trunk. Very frost hardy; in recent winters, dioon outperformed sago palm, with no leaf damage at 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like sago, dioon is not a true palm but a cycad, an ancient plant. It tolerates limestone soils and tough conditions, but requires moisture to establish; drought-hardy thereafter.

All parts are poisonous if ingested. Sharp edges require careful handling.

Plant Details

  • plant type: Small Palm
  • origins: Central, Eastern and Northern Mexico, to Nuevo Leon


coupon eligible: No

watersaver: Yes

freeze hardy: Yes

sunlight requirements: Full Shade, Part Sun/Shade

soil types: Clay, Garden Mixed

invasive: No


Plan on supplemental water to establish; drought hardy thereafter. Always limit pruning of the fronds.

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